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“Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult” written by Dayal Patterson reached to me today. It consists 485 pages and also 64 pages of photos in glossy papers. Dayal Patterson’s writing and photographs have been featured in Metal Hammer, Record Collector and Terrorizer magazines, too. If you are interested in reading the interview with Dayal about the book, here I found it at Metal Injection

Dayal Patterson is designer, photographer, and writer.  He is writing professionally since 2005. He published a music journal called Crypt Magazine and contributed in numerous magazines including Metal Hammer magazine. He has a degree in photography from London College of Communication and included in lots of photography projects. Dayal has been taking photos for magazines, individuals, bands and companies. Photos inside the book are great and if you want to check out here I am showing you the photos.

The book designed by Sean Tejaratchi and published from “Feral House” and there are more books about metal. Check the website of the publishing house at www.feralhouse.com Feral House also published books like Lords of Chaos, Choosing Death, Death Scenes and American Hair Metal. I think, they all worth buying and placed in the music library.  

The content of the book is really rich and well written in an organized way. It is really huge, heavy and thick, too! I really wish that must be my course book. I never hesitate to carry it and never forget my book at home if there is a class for that. I think language use is very clear as non-native speaker of English and there are great analyses, ideological touches and descriptions about so many bands. I am so excited to read it as whole.    

For his book “Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult” Kristoffer Rygg from Ulver said;
“Dayal is an excellent writer – with an almost nerdlike (and I mean that in the most positive way) enthusiasm and eye for detail. I found reading what he put together, from our talk about my band’s early days, genuinely moving. If the other vhapters are done with the same care (and I assume they are) this will be the definitive encyclopedia on Black Metal.”

On the back cover it says;
Black Metal, the most extreme music of all, eats the listener alive. This book documents the genre’s three-decade journey with nearly six hundred pages of photographs and interviews with members of:
*Venom *Mercury Fate *Bathory *Hellhammer / Celtic Frost *Vulcano *Blasphemy *Samael Rotting Christ *Necromantia *VON *Tormentor * Master’s Hammer *Beherit *Mayhem * Thorns *Darkthrone *Thou Shalt Suffer / Emperor *Gehenna *Gorgoroth *Trelldom *Cradle of Filth *Dimmu Borgir *Mütiilation *Marduk *Funeral Mist *Shining *Graveland / Infernum *Behemoth *Enslaved *Isengard / Storm *Ulver *Windir *Negura Bunget *Hades *Primordial *Arcturus *Manes *Fleurety *Sigh *Dødheimsgard *Mysticum *Aborym *Blacklodge *Fen and many more…

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