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“Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult” written by Dayal Patterson reached to me today. It consists 485 pages and also 64 pages of photos in glossy papers. Dayal Patterson’s writing and photographs have been featured in Metal Hammer, Record Collector and Terrorizer magazines, too. If you are interested in reading the interview with Dayal about the book, here I found it at Metal Injection

Dayal Patterson is designer, photographer, and writer.  He is writing professionally since 2005. He published a music journal called Crypt Magazine and contributed in numerous magazines including Metal Hammer magazine. He has a degree in photography from London College of Communication and included in lots of photography projects. Dayal has been taking photos for magazines, individuals, bands and companies. Photos inside the book are great and if you want to check out here I am showing you the photos.

The book designed by Sean Tejaratchi and published from “Feral House” and there are more books about metal. Check the website of the publishing house at www.feralhouse.com Feral House also published books like Lords of Chaos, Choosing Death, Death Scenes and American Hair Metal. I think, they all worth buying and placed in the music library.  

The content of the book is really rich and well written in an organized way. It is really huge, heavy and thick, too! I really wish that must be my course book. I never hesitate to carry it and never forget my book at home if there is a class for that. I think language use is very clear as non-native speaker of English and there are great analyses, ideological touches and descriptions about so many bands. I am so excited to read it as whole.    

For his book “Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult” Kristoffer Rygg from Ulver said;
“Dayal is an excellent writer – with an almost nerdlike (and I mean that in the most positive way) enthusiasm and eye for detail. I found reading what he put together, from our talk about my band’s early days, genuinely moving. If the other vhapters are done with the same care (and I assume they are) this will be the definitive encyclopedia on Black Metal.”

On the back cover it says;
Black Metal, the most extreme music of all, eats the listener alive. This book documents the genre’s three-decade journey with nearly six hundred pages of photographs and interviews with members of:
*Venom *Mercury Fate *Bathory *Hellhammer / Celtic Frost *Vulcano *Blasphemy *Samael Rotting Christ *Necromantia *VON *Tormentor * Master’s Hammer *Beherit *Mayhem * Thorns *Darkthrone *Thou Shalt Suffer / Emperor *Gehenna *Gorgoroth *Trelldom *Cradle of Filth *Dimmu Borgir *Mütiilation *Marduk *Funeral Mist *Shining *Graveland / Infernum *Behemoth *Enslaved *Isengard / Storm *Ulver *Windir *Negura Bunget *Hades *Primordial *Arcturus *Manes *Fleurety *Sigh *Dødheimsgard *Mysticum *Aborym *Blacklodge *Fen and many more…

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Pitch Black Porcelain 🌚

Black metal aesthetics in home!

I founded a store where wooden and porcelain decoration items are sold in very cheep price. I bought myself porcelain sculpture of a woman which looked like an angel before I give her a corpse paint. Now it looks like Morticia from Addam’s family. It’s been a while when I finished it but I finally had time for varnish and took its photos for you.

How to give porcelains a corpse paint is super easy and I love this a lot as a creepy decoration in my home. I’m not suggesting you to make this to your mother’s precious porcelains without asking permission and I don’t want to be responsible from circumstances but my mom is asking me to do that several objects belong to her already.

Since I am not thinking about selling my creations I want to show you the process with this blog and also if you interested to buy something like this there is a seller on Etsy who is also making similar objects and selling those at his [Etsy Store|https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoffinCollector]

Rub the porcelain with sandpaper. This is not necessary if the object is smooth but mine had some rough surface on it that can be the reason why it sold really cheap price. If you are dealing with an object which already painted before make sure rubbing it with sandpaper enough, too.

I used acrylic paints for painting my porcelain. First I dyed in completely white with applying two coats as a base color. It was already made from white but actual color was a little bit faded compared to acrylics.

I waited the base to dry. Acrylic paint is really dries fast not necessary to give your days on this project but make sure it completely dries. Then I draw the lines for her corpse paint on her face with charcoal. If there is a mistake charcoal can be cleaned from acrylic surface with a help of an eraser or a wet cloth. If the base didn’t dry charcoal can ruin your color with making it dirty grey.

There are markers for drawing on the porcelain surfaces but I didn’t have those. I used a regular marker with dipping the top of it into my black paint. It is a bit painful process that needs to done really carefully. The face of it is very small, even thinnest brushes were thick for those lines. I hit the mark with being extra careful on details that can be achieved by practicing more. Just don’t be afraid from you may mess it, dirty corpse paints can be fine as well. 🐼

And I painted all the hair, clothes and the rose basket into black. You can be creative about coloring your porcelain. For instance, I want to add some blood to the next creation. Silver paint is also a great idea that can give the porcelains metal accessories. Definitely go check that Etsy shop for more inspiration. I really like the idea of drawing occult symbols on the clothing or accessories on the porcelains that shop owner CoffinCollector is responsible.

Finally I used a spray varnish for finishing the process. With varnish it turns into really great object. Hardy to say it is handmade but unique to believe it is factory made either. I like shooting her photos with giving black and white effect on them. I also painted the moon used as a background with using same colors with mixing some antique powder and applied with sponge brush stamps.

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Desolate Era: imaginary DSBM band

 Hello everybody!  Today I created a depressive suicidal black metal band called "Desolate Era" on "Paint" :p Also get some help on "Photoshop" for background and band logos on members costumes.

Unfortunately I can not create music for them but they created by getting inspiration from music for sure.

Here I am going to share the band with hoping that you like it.
I sux at creating logo but I basically take text from online and paste some parts from other logos and also take a suicide robe for making the logo fit the genre of the band. 
It is called "Desolate Era"

I was at home and waiting for time to pass and I didn't have any intention to create a band. Just killing some time with listening music. Automatically I opened paint and the white blank page strained my eyes and I painted it black :p Then, started to draw a corpse paint and the bass player is appeared. 

This is the first member I created. I called him Derek but he needed more kvlt name for the band, so his stage name become "Balhl Derekahl." He plays bass in the Desolate Era. 

I actually thinking stop doing the painting before finished Balhl Derekahl but the process continued with creating a female.  Still I was thinking stopping doing it before I draw the woman. I thought I can create a dark looked metalhead couple with their corpse paints.  And "Ivy" is created. In that point, I thought these two can be also two membered atmospheric black metal band members together :) but I continue drawing...
"Ivy" become a vocal of "Desolate Era" with calling herself "Nokturrori Ivyil".  She can do both clean and brutal vocal.  And does her job very perfect.  :)

I thought I consumed all the ideas on the first member but ideas continued to appear in my mind. Then the lord of the crows,  Carl is born.  I give Carl a stage name which is "Kahlvras Beheror". He is playing electronic guitar and also does back vocal in the band. I started getting bored of drawing boots lol XD

There were too much hair in the band and I intentionally draw a bald member in the band and I think he become my favorite with his style.  :) The drummer of the "Desolate Era" with his killer battle vest!  I called him Lucas, aka "Lucasum Burrduk" an absolute beast :p

The band needed someone who is responsible for keyboards and the keyboard player born. Looks like a grim reaper and creates the dark atmosphere from his keyboard in magical way. His name is Dany,  and stage name is "Balum Danyom Grimgorth".  I really had no patience for drawing any boot again and his long black robe saved my life XD

I wish I was draw all the members in the transparent blank page because I wanted to change the background.  I should erase all the background for putting them into dark forest but it completely worth time. 

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Battle Babe Vest

Hello All! 
I am so excited about sharing this post because today I made a battle vest for myself. I was thinking about making one from a long time ago and collecting patches took time too. Hoping that y'all like it cuz I make it with full love
I really like creating things to wear for myself but this baby become my favorite piece in my wardrobe. Even can not put it into the wardrobe, need to hang it to visible place in the room :D

First thing I did is to check this sewing machine that if it is still working cuz it is older than me and stayed at attic for long years. It was covered by spider webs and rusted a little. But luckily it works!  Uh... I needed to broke two needles to figure it out properly too. XD

First patch I sew on the vest is on the invisible place, where the brand of the clothing could find. It's brand is "black metal" now!  :)

I pinned some needles to the places where I want to put the patches and sew carelessly with a colorful threads for contoured the lines.

Then, started sewing the patches one by one carefully ^^

I choose the a vest instead of a jacket because I want to wear it ASAP and it's very hot in here. I sadly could not sew one "Behemoth" patch. I guess there is not enough place for it and I'm also size small. :/  Maybe for the second time :)

Here are the photos of my baby; ^^

And I guess this is the kuwtest part; ^^

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Nocturnal Story II

Here is a little story combined with atmospheric songs for you guys.  Wishing y'all have a great night with sparkles 🌌

The pale moon wouldn't appear to her anymore in the silence of the great harmony of her soul. She burried under the ground but couldn't stay alive to be rest,  she must be alive for her death.  All she can do is listening around,  making combinations with silence of her harmony. In the deep inside her,  the very invisible place must make the moves. Like a feeling of freedom,  as the flying ravens above. 

She,  herself is the reason which took her there in the first place. Now, its not necessary to think about it anymore. She must control all the movements inside her now. She moves her eyes to catch any vision around, but all she saw is the endless darkness. She felt a little sparkle between her suddenly. That must be what she fell in loved, quickly. With that sparkle she horrified. When realizing all rotten beings what she loved.

Thinking the choices she made that finally caused her to find herself below. Under all the surroundings of the earth offering to her.  Declined the pleasures of human life, she choose to be captured between sound and silence. Started stop that silence by whispering to the seeds of mother nature. Search all the seeds by digging the ground with her nails.

In there,  she wanted to be escape from the illusion. Auditory illusion of the silence. There is non stop flowing sound even they said take a peace from non existence.

She closed her eyes,  still telling stories to the seeds. Tried to feel just the darkness. Just the darkness does not exist. There is depth of the dark,  little colors appears in front of her eyes.  Realised darkness is an illusion too, just like the sound. She must be disappear for being out of every feeling. Started imagining nothing. Try to let nothing haunt her. As in the ground which made her nothing in the earth. Nothing won't allowed her to disappear too.

Just the small bugs help her to be rotten inside. All she got is pain. Doesn't suffers for being out of pain. That was all she got to hold. In the deep inside her,  depth of her darkness, little sparkles made all the joy.

Nocturnal Campfire Story

I’m going to tell you a story with combining the story with music. Let's gathering around the fire, music and the dark story I am going to tell...

Can you imagine the day that the sunshine never rises? Scary they said... scared from a magical world that they can never felt. They didn’t know that can be real. He found the real magic in darkness, opened up himself to survive with all the gloom. No way there is no escape...Everywhere nocturnal...He felt it as an energy, they got that wrong. He was covering with that darkness and raised by the light inside his eyes. Alone…but not lonely…World doesn’t have a perfect place to hide from everyone. He just wanted to escape. From them, from their reality. They were just too real that can’t be that real! He wanted to drown himself in the river of forgotten woods.

Wanted to forget all of the memories he need to escape. He can’t handle anymore, all the reaction he get is, irritating. Cuz actual belief no longer exist. They didn’t believe his soul, covered with darkness. He has the magic. No one tried to see it. Then wanted to express it with music. Music turns out to be a magic. A nocturnal, deep, black magic…

She found that magic in a liquid form. Got drunk by having it. They were lonely but now, not alone. He got sick from this dilemma. The line between loneliness and being alone. Where ever he held, could not move on. Shared his magic with the most magical thing he can’t resisted. Then reality come and possessed as the usual.

Started to swim at the river…the river that made him loose control. All he could do is just feeling the emptiness.

...He is drowning and his magic got wet and covered with mud. His body fell asleep suddenly.

The black smoke covered all the atmosphere. He was turning into what his soul is. He raised, raised, raised and covered clouds. Clouds gone dark and started to crush. They are sufficiently started thunders. The thunderstorms wildly creating sounds around. He finally turn into a rain, dropped down on the earth.
Last time when the earth created a music had been a while. Every people on earth started mourning when they remember how magical things they lose...

He left a letter, and left the magic to us with saying;
“Oh right, starting with that melody feels like you are belong to some kind of schizophrenic horror movie. And that brutal scream finally stops that brain error immediately. Power under the tone. This sliced me into pieces in my mind and actions reflect into my soul with covering them in relaxation.
I am understanding how these disturbing world we are living around the concrete buildings, cold floors, materialistic and egoistic people.  They can brutally scream for handling these…I can listen to be stay stable.
Oh, right…Faster the drum is, the restless my body over the rhythm... welcome in...Take me to the other side, inverted in of this world. No longer have to be focus all unexceptional thoughts of the generation…
Taking a deep breath at the same time with that for a start.”

Every unexceptional sound inside the darkness you hear,  you are going to feel; his power is real...